Now you lay you down to sleep,
Your very soul you hope to keep,
And though you smell different when you’re awake,
Your tortured soul Mister Jingles will take…


You’re walking down a dark hallway inside Shawano Manor, and see nothing but a red light in your path. Suddenly, you hear “I’M RIGHT HERE!” That may be all you hear him say, but for the most part, Mr. Nice Guy keeps to himself, his close friends, and his bear, Chompy. Mr. Nice Guy’s true origins are unknown, but he has spent his entire life on these grounds, becoming more and more sinister as time has passed. Approach with caution, however, as even Mr. Nice Guy can have a bad day!


Clarence was born to an American family in 1813. Growing up, his parents noticed he spoke to himself a lot, but assumed it was a phase. They attempted to help him find friends, but were unsuccessful. Learning how to do acrobatics as a child, he could only do them part of the time. Witnessing his father’s death early on, he isolated himself further. While his mother moved on, his stepfather abused Clarence when she wasn’t around, beginning to eat away at him. On one of his rampages, his stepfather caused permanent damage to Clarence’s leg, causing him to need to use a cane. On October 20, 1830, at the age of seventeen, he murdered his stepfather in a rampage. With Clarence gone, all that was left was the haunting name the village children gave him, Skitz. Skitz now resides at Shawano Manor with his new Family, luring unsuspecting guests to their inevitable fates.


In the early 19th Century, a pair of Siamese fraternal twins was the talk of the circus. Raised without names and primarily kept in cages with the traveling show’s animals, they lack the humanity to connect with any other human but each other, and are stronger, faster, and stranger than human. Following a successful separation surgery, they found their way out of the circus, which had damned them to a freak’s life, of life in a cage, existing for the entertainment of others. A helium accident left one with a high-pitched voice and disfigurement, until finding a mask that one of the clowns had painted his own face on. Walking for miles and bleeding from their separation wounds as they traveled, they lived off of the land, having nobody but the other to rely on in life. Searching for a new life, but never wanting to leave the circus behind, they saw the glow of a sign that read FREAKSHOW in the distance, and built their home, on their terms, in the Funhouse of Green Bay Fear. Because they tend to be so… unpredictable, they had to be separated from the rest of the Fearstein Family, but, for the first time, they belong.  


In 1929, the area suffered a deadly influenza epidemic, leaving scores of people dead. Families and authorities were too overwhelmed with the volume to be able to bury and care for the deceased in a timely manner, and a country school abandoned instruction and was converted to a temporary Morgue facility with bodies housed throughout its three floors. No one knows exactly what happened, but the legend says that one day when the newly deceased were being dropped off, all the bodies were gone, and reports of zombies roaming the school and grounds have been told ever since.

The woman who held the key is reported to have been sighted at the door, guarding the zombies holed up inside. Visitors lucky enough to survive called her the Morgue Witch.

The community, outraged and fearful, organized a posse to banish the Morgue Witch from the property. She was driven out, but vowed to cast her evil spell and bring carnage to all who dared cross her path. After wandering about leaving her trail of torturous rage, she made her way to the Fearstein Family. Here, she was embraced by the sick, twisted, broken and castoffs of society. She has made her home about the haunted hallows of Green Bay Fear, where she uses her dark magic and cruel deception to unleash her wrath onto all who dare to visit.


Lucy thought that not having her Daddy in her Playhouse to boss her around would be so much fun! She could play her wicked games all day with her friends in the Twisted Trail! But Lucy didn’t know that her Daddy was only trying to protect her from something… sinister within her. With each drop of blood she sheds, each soul she takes, each heart spiked with fear for her own joy, the darkness inside her begins to show, and she’s starting to miss her Daddy. Lucy is growing up, and now it’s REALLY time for some fun.


Born to Las Vegas circus owners in 1922, Iris & Ivy had a firebreathing act. One night, Ivy got out of hand, setting Iris on fire and leading to her tragic death. Unable to bear the pain and guilt of her sister’s loss, Iris set off to find a new home, somewhere her past was unknown. On her journey, she stumbled upon the Shawano Manor, Charles Fearstein seeing her talents and wanting to add her to his Family. If you look close enough, however, you can see Iris strolling beside her, like a shadow. Be aware of what lingers in the abyss..


Growing up in Mira Loma, California in 1920, Karnage was always very close to his brother. One day, they were jumped walking home from school, which left Karnage with knee damage and his brother dead. Following this, his parents were never the same, and neither was he, feeling responsible for his brother’s death. Always feeling the need to be protected, he began to carry his baseball bat everywhere he went. He tried everything to heal his broken heart, until the darkness consumed him and he roamed alone, his soul lost and his mouth closed permanently. Living completely off of the land until he found Shawano Manor, he found comfort in the hallowed grounds and lives for revenge. Don’t get too close – actions can speak louder than words.


Working as a lab assistant in 2142, Jinx found herself questioning her very existence. Exiled and embracing her dark side, she journeyed through the cyber world in search of clarity, until clicking a link which thrust her back in time to the present day. The time travel, however, took her life. When she awoke, she found herself among the creatures of the Fearstein Family at Green Bay Fear. Feeling at ease and accepted, she can now be found playing on the grounds of her newfound home, though where is anyone’s guess.


A cannibal from Victorian-era England, Malyce’s bloodthirst became too great and she devoured her family, always wanting more. With each victim, her features changed, and she became the immortal beast pictured. Mobs chased after her constantly, until she found herself locked away within the confines of Shawano Manor, where she found acceptance of her animalistic ways. Now, she stalks new victims from within the safety of the shadows, and could be lurking around any corner.


Involved in a motorcycle accident on US-30 on his way home from Rock Springs, Wyoming, Rydir’s unconscious and disfigured body was picked up by emergency responders and he was thought to be dead. In shock, he awoke in a panic and wreaked havoc, beating both EMT’s to death and escaping the moving ambulance. In search of his motorcycle, he backtracked on the highway for days. Falling asleep in quiet woods in a fit of exhaustion, he awoke to find himself in the Twisted Trail of Green Bay Fear, greeted by creatures and monsters who welcomed him with open arms, though still in search of his ruined motorcycle.


Raised in the Garden of Eden, there was only one job for a growing bunny: to be the happiest, healthiest bunny possible. The one to prove itself most worthy would become the infamous Easter Bunny. It was all he ever wanted, and the others teased him because he was the runt of the litter. Over time, it weighed on him, creating a darkness that wasn’t there before. Selection day was upon them, and it was obvious that he wouldn’t be selected. When he wasn’t chosen, his eyes filled with rage and he ate each and every one of the other contestants. Eventually, his rage subsided and he stood, dripping with blood. The newly-crowned Easter Bunny looked disappointed, took one chomp from his neck and left him there to bleed. Awakening as something more sinister, B.O.B. was born: Bleeding Out Bunny. Over the years, he has travelled the world, taking the feet of little boys and girls, figuring that if he wasn’t going to be the Easter Bunny, he wanted to be known for something else. Eventually, he hopped his way to a home full of other tragic stories, and was welcomed into the Twisted Trail of Green Bay Fear with open arms.


Once just your average kid, Thing was bullied for being odd and having a feminine demeanor. For eighteen years, he suffered, but finally snapped when pushed too far, putting his victim near death. Grabbing a simple blackout mask to hide his face and a chainsaw, he found the tools he needed to seek revenge. Speaking as little as possible for fear of recognition, he travelled all over, taking revenge on those he felt deserving. Finding a Family desperately in need of protection at Green Bay Fear, he can be found traveling the Twisted Trail, hiding high and low, watching those who dare enter and protecting his new Family at all costs.