Welcome to a new age of fear!

For 20 years, Green Bay Fear has been the source of your screams and cries; now the only thing to fear is Fear himself!
Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions Presents
Green Bay Fear’s: 20 Years of Fear!
The Ringmaster takes control of the show, raising a dark carnival in honor of the icons before him. Face Mr. Jingles, Bob, The Hallow, and Charles Fearstein as they unleash hell on earth!
We will leave you in shock and awe at the horror we have been building since 2003, with brand new experiences, brand new characters, and a brand-new show!
Survive the disorienting nightmare of Mr. Jingles Funhouse: Havoc & Dismay, where the Funhouse has changed the rules of the game with more fog, more lights, and more klowns than you can even stomach!
Make your way into the Howling Hallows, where the Gates of Samhain lie. The Hallow has only gained power since last year, spreading Halloween everywhere he goes, crossing into other worlds, and infecting everything with the spirit of Halloween! Cross through the gates and find there are much worse things than tricks and treats in The Howling Hallows.
While there, mind your feet! As BOB and his twisted crew will be after your feet! More than just a mere treat to them in their mind-altering land of whimsy and HORROR, in BOB Land!
After escaping the woods, you will find the dilapidated mansion that is Shawano Manor!
Reach the hill and climb the stairs into the inferno of the unforgotten! Charles Fearstein’s ritual worked last year. Now he and the Legion of Shadows are more powerful than ever!
The manor has changed; evil forces are running rampant in the walls and spreading like an infection. Traverse the maze-like halls and corridors of the manor and see if you can escape Charles Fearstein and his Legion of Shadows!


Who is The Ringmaster? On October 31st, 2021, Charles Fearstein finished is esoteric ritual to make Hell on Earth. He spoke the final lines of his incantation into the void and waited. At 11:00pm, something answered back. Soon the fireplace in the foyer of Shawano Manor spat black flames, and opened up revealing a blackness that no light could escape from. A monstrous silhouette stepped out the Void and began a metamorphosis, snapping, bending and bleeding into a humanoid shape that became of flesh and bone. As the shapeshifting came to an end, the now human shaped had taken the form of a carnival ringmaster. The being looked up and opened its eyes for the first time revealing black soulless lenses with a burning fire at the center. The entity took its first breath of air and thus beginning a new age of Fear. The Ringmaster is the result of that ritual and its the physical manifestation of the ancient deity known as Fear. The Ringmaster spent the last year helping grow the powers of the Sacred 4, offering gifts of power, fortune and everlasting Fear. For Mr. Jingles, The Ringmaster rose a dark carnival in his honor to feed more victims to the Funhouse and Jingles himself. For The Hallow, The Ringmaster met the Demon of Halloween at the Gates of Samhain. One deity to another. In exchange for Hallows loyalty, The Ringmaster would help spread the realms of Halloween, breaking into more periods of time and otherworldly sectors not previously known to Hallow. For Bob’s allegiance, The Ringmaster would gift the land a way to bring in more victims. Allowing the bloodlust of Bobland to grow and thrive and in return enlarging their monstrous footprint to bigger than ever before.

Finally, The Ringmaster would reward Charles Fearstein for opening the Void and releasing Fear onto the mortal world. Charles Fearstein, along with the Legion of Shadows would be gifted with demonic powers. So that they may more easily recruit Legionares to spread their newfound powers, finally creating a Hell on Earth. In addition to this gift of power, The Ringmaster would give funding to Charles so that he could grow the grounds of Shawano Manor. For the last year that is exactly what they have done. The Ringmaster demands your Fear. He is fueled by your terror, and with every night he only grows in strength. He has taken command of the Sacred 4 and the grounds of Green Bay Fear itself. In the words of the Ringmaster himself. “I have built this. Brick by brick and bone by bone. You will know my name. I. Am. Fear.”


Mr. Jingles Funhouse: Havoc & Dismay, this legendary staple of Green Bay Fear brings even more chaos than before! Blinding light! Dense fog! Ear shattering music! These clowns put the “Fun” in funeral! Can you survive?

The Howling Hallows: In the forest, an ancient archway lies in the dead of the woods; a pathway to another realm where Halloween is ruled by one. Hallow, the Demon of Halloween. Hallow’s minions spread like a infestation between worlds. Enter the archway and find the true meaning of Halloween! Face hoards of killers, vampires, scarecrows and MORE. While there, mind your feet! As BOB and his twisted crew will be after your feet! More than just a mere treat to them in their mind-altering land of whimsy and HORROR, in…  BOB Land! Located DEEP into depths of the Howling Hallow you may come across a place, quite odd. While there, mind your feet! As B.O.B. and his twisted crew will be after your feet! More than just a mere treat to them in their mind-altering land of whimsy and HORROR, in BOB Land!


Charles Fearstein and his death cult, Legion of Shadows is preparing for his final act! An esoteric ritual to bring Hell on earth and reshape the world in Charles image. His loyal legionnaires and monsters strike from the dark, hunting all who stray! Can you survive Charles and the Legion of Shadow? Find out inside of Shawano Manor!


In the 1800’s, lumber tycoon Jaden West erected his masterpiece mansion along the northern shores of Shawano Lake. Shawano Manor, as the legend goes, had all of the amenities that only a select few could afford at the time. In the fall of 1894, West’s mutilated remains were found by his faithful servant, Mr. Adraniam Roscoe, and the legend says the death was at the hands of jealous sawmill workers. Rumor had it that the workers were unhappy with West’s spoils at their hard work. While accusations flew and suspects were plentiful, no arrests were ever made.

Following his death, the local constable acquired the estate. The first night, his jet black hair shocked ghost white, and seemingly immediately, he went stark raving mad. Sanitarium records claim he carried on about spirits in the Manor, and no therapy nor treatment could dissuade those delusions. From that point on, strange rumors continue to fly about what actually happened that night, and the once decadent mansion fell into disrepair while the urban legend continued to flourish, and the spirits continued to rule the Manor.

In the year 2000, Shawano Manor was set to be demolished by the state of Wisconsin. We were able to work with the salvage company to restore what remained of the mansion and relocate it to the corner of Taylor and Bond Streets, where it stands today, but it is not empty. It has new habitants, that you will soon learn more about! We hope to see you there!