Illuminate your fears…

Charles Fearstein comes out from the shadows and beckons you to follow his word or perish in the aftermath. For 19 years he has been the architect of your greatest fears. His death cult, the Legion of Shadows, grows in numbers; inviting all things of the macabre and night to illuminate your deepest darkest fears! The stage is set, and he’s dead center. Follow and you will be rewarded…stray and you will be hunted.

Featuring three horrifying attractions!

Mr. Jingles Funhouse: Havoc & Dismay, this legendary staple of Green Bay Fear brings even more chaos than before! Blinding light! Dense fog! Ear shattering music! These clowns put the “Fun” in funeral! Can you survive?

The Howling Hallows: In the forest, an ancient archway lies in the dead of the woods; a pathway to another realm where Halloween is ruled by one. Hallow, the Demon of Halloween. Hallow’s minions spread like a infestation between worlds. Face hoards of killers, vampires, scarecrows, the ferocious Bob of Bobland and more! Enter the archway and find the true meaning of Halloween!

Charles Fearstein and his death cult, Legion of Shadows is preparing for his final act! An esoteric ritual to bring Hell on earth, and reshape the world in Charles image. His loyal legionnaires and monsters strike from the dark, hunting all who stray! Can you survive Charles and the Legion of Shadow? Find out at Shawano Manor!


In the 1800’s, lumber tycoon Jaden West erected his masterpiece mansion along the northern shores of Shawano Lake. Shawano Manor, as the legend goes, had all of the amenities that only a select few could afford at the time. In the fall of 1894, West’s mutilated remains were found by his faithful servant, Mr. Adraniam Roscoe, and the legend says the death was at the hands of jealous sawmill workers. Rumor had it that the workers were unhappy with West’s spoils at their hard work. While accusations flew and suspects were plentiful, no arrests were ever made.

Following his death, the local constable acquired the estate. The first night, his jet black hair shocked ghost white, and seemingly immediately, he went stark raving mad. Sanitarium records claim he carried on about spirits in the Manor, and no therapy nor treatment could dissuade those delusions. From that point on, strange rumors continue to fly about what actually happened that night, and the once decadent mansion fell into disrepair while the urban legend continued to flourish, and the spirits continued to rule the Manor.

In the year 2000, Shawano Manor was set to be demolished by the state of Wisconsin. We were able to work with the salvage company to restore what remained of the mansion, and relocate it to the corner of Taylor and Bond Streets, where it stands today.