The Fearstein Family returns this fall at Green Bay Fear, to bring the darkest of horrors to light, right before your eyes! With three attractions to keep your heart pounding the night away, you’re bound to be spooked… to death! Spend a fall night with us, and scream and scream again! Be careful, however – you might just be convinced to join the Family yourself!


The delapitated mansion, Shawano Manor is the home of Charles Fearstein; The eccentric cult leader of The Legion of Shadows. A death cult, determined to make Hell on Earth! Charles has been recruiting members for the last 19 years as fuel for his grand act! An esoteric ritual, rooted in evil, bound in bone and blood! The manor is filled with his loyal Legionnaires who will stop at nothing to fulfill the demands of their leader and appease their own darkest desires! This death house has it all: cultists, killers, monsters, ghost, demons, brainwashing , dismemberment and more! As Charles always says…. Those who obey his every word, find paradise in a place they can all call home… but those whom stray will be hunted….


In the Howling Forest, legend tells of a pathway that opens on All Hallows’ Eve. An archway carved into the stone in the fog of the forest, leading to a realm where Samhain is more than a holiday. It is home to The Hallow, the Demon of Halloween. A shape shifting shadow that infests all in its path and reigns terror over all realms. Throughout time it has manipulated our world, spreading seeds of violence, panic, death and rot. Hallow’s minions are everywhere. Kidnapping trick or treating children and turning them into living scarecrows, leading you down the rabbit hole only to be devoured by Bob… a feral clan of Vampyrs breeding in Oak Ridge Cemetery, the truth behind the Salem Witch trials and so much more. Enter the archway, and see what goes bump in the night. Enter The Howling Hallow, and find the true meaning of Halloween….


Come one, come all, and enter Mr. Jingles Funhouse! This legendary attraction puts the “FUN” in Funeral. This year the clowns have been left to their own devices, and they are going to make every step of it YOUR PROBLEM! Bright, blinding lights! Fog as far as the eye can see! Ear shattering music! And somehow even more chaos then ever before! Can you face your fears and survive the clowns?


Green Bay Fear always strives to put on a spectacular show, and our 2022 season is no different! Our current entertainment schedule for 2022 is as follows:

  • Kid’s Day Saturday, October 15th & 29th – 2p.m.-5p.m