The Fearstein Family returns this fall at Green Bay Fear, to bring the darkest of horrors to light, right before your eyes! With three attractions to keep your heart pounding the night away, you’re bound to be spooked… to death! Spend a fall night with us, and scream and scream again! Be careful, however – you might just be convinced to join the Family yourself!

SHAWANO MANOR: Join the Fearstein Family at Shawano Manor – hellbent on the destruction of the world as we know it at the hands of the freaks, killers, and miscreants behind every wall! They are no longer part of your world, but wish to see it burn as they illuminate your deepest and darkest fears, hoping they can convince you, too, to join the Fearstein Family.

HOWLING HOLLOW Find the origin of Halloween as you enter the sacred gate and travel through the portal of the soured dirt that lies the path of our Howling Hollow! Be wary, as this trail offers much more than tricks and treats – it offers freaks and screams, as well! Those too wild for the Manor have been left out here, so be sure to proceed with caution!

MR. JINGLES FUNHOUSE – HAVOC & DISMAY: Take the trip of a lifetime and re-enter the all new Mr. Jingles Funhouse. Our clown prince has created all new terrifying paths and rooms, with carnies and freaks waiting for you! You’ll be having so much fun, it might kill ya – in fact, it will knock you dead!


Green Bay Fear always strives to put on a spectacular show, and our 2020 season is no different! Our current entertainment schedule for 2020 is as follows:

With the addition of our Kidnapped escape room, presented by Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay, entertainment at Green Bay Fear on select dates, and monsters and ghouls at every turn, the only things to fear… all live at Green Bay Fear.