Welcome to Green Bay Fear...

Awaiting inside Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions are the terrors plucked straight from your nightmares. Our pets are biding their time, anticipating you and the delicious screams you'll bring. Housed in these roofs are the stalkers of the night, just waiting for you to round the corner in darkness. This isn't your average haunted house, this is Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions.... where terror calls home.

You start out on the Haunted Midway, from there your options unfold. Will you take a stroll in Cannibal Grove where creatures and humans alike yearn for your flesh or head straight into Shawano Manor, resurrected from the ruins of Jaden West's wicked estate?

If you make it out in one piece, which few have, you can relax and enjoy yourself (and perhaps change your pants) back on the Haunted Midway. Enjoy the oddities area, where the strangest of the strange have been put on display. Artifacts like the Egyptian Mummified Cat and a real Vampire Killing Kit are on display for visitors to enjoy. This most unique collection is something you will remember for years to come.

While you are in the Haunted Midway explore Mr. Jingles Fun House filled with topsy turvey, mind bending frights. Enter at your own risk as some have yet to be heard from.

After all this excitement browse the Haunted Midway with a snack or hot chocolate from the food vendors, and enjoy the nightly entertainment or browse the gift shop.


Beja Shriners
1950 Bond St
Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 309-0981


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