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The Scares Continue This Summer


Greenbay Fear is open Friday, June 13th, 2014

Admission is $10.00
Ticket Booth Open 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

ONCE YOU’RE IN… The only thing you will feel is a stream of fear trickling down your leg Black Dog Productions presents "GREEN BAY FEAR"! A brand new vortex of terror, bigger, darker, scarier, and way more evil than any haunted house you have ever known. We have gone back and dug up the souls of haunted houses old, it is a fright like you have never experienced.  This is the brand of haunted house that made your parents wet the bed back in the day, and it is back for a whole new generation! Located at 1950 Bond Street, Green Bay near Rock Gardens Banquet Hall.


Green Bay Fear Haunted Attraction is what is left of a once glorious estate Shawano Manor previously located on the northern shores of Shawano Lake.

1800's Lumber Tycoon Jaden West spared no expense erecting his masterpiece mansion. It had all of the exclusive amenities only the very wealthy could afford at the time. Mr. Jaden West unexpectedly met his demise in the fall of 1894, his mutilated corpse found by his servant Mr. Adrianiam Roskoe. The death was blamed on jealous workers from the saw mill. You see, it was rumored the mill workers didn't think it was fair that Mr. West got all the spoils from their hard work. There were a few accusations of "who had done it". No arrests were ever made  although there were plenty of suspects.

Strangely enough, the local constable acquired the estate. Legend claims after the first night his jet black hair had been shocked ghost white and he had gone stark, raving mad. Local sanitarium records claim he continued to carry on about the spirits of Green Bay Fear until the day he died; no therapy or treatment could dissuade him from his delusions.

This lead to all sorts of strange rumors of what actually transpired up in Green Bay Fear. From that day forward it was deemed haunted and no one would set foot inside the once-glorious Mansion. This unexplained crime / mystery still remains unsolved to date.

In the year 2000 the Green Bay Fear was purchased by the state of Wisconsin for the purpose of restoring the northern shore wetlands.  We were able to work with the salvage company contacted to demolish the estate. In order to save Green Bay Fear we relocated the mansion to the corner of Taylor and Bond Street in Green Bay, WI. If you're brave enough, you too can see some of the recreated atrocities of many years ago.

Just don't get too close or comfortable with the spirits; there are a great many unexplained happenings at The Green Bay Fear.